Sen. Hoitenga: Dem budget plan fails to prioritize Michigan’s needs

Sen. Hoitenga: Dem budget plan fails to prioritize Michigan’s needs

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Michele Hoitenga, R-Manton, on Wednesday voiced criticism that the Senate Democrats’ 2025 fiscal year budget fails to adequately address the needs of Michiganders.

“After looting the state’s historic $9 billion budget surplus last year, Democrats have pushed forward a spending plan propped up by a $700 million income tax hike, $670 million raid on the teacher pension fund, and 1,200% trash tax increase to keep up with their wasteful spending and unsustainable bureaucracy.

“Republicans offered several amendments to redirect millions of tax dollars set aside for corporate welfare to areas that would better serve Michigan residents, including critical infrastructure, public safety, and tax relief. Each one was struck down.

“Democrats even blocked efforts to safeguard tax dollars from being used to pay rent or legal fees for those who are here illegally. Meanwhile, deadly fentanyl continues flooding into our state and criminals hide in self-proclaimed sanctuary communities because President Biden’s failed open border policies are endangering the lives of Americans.

“This budget makes it clear that protecting the livelihoods of Michiganders and investing in the future prosperity of our state are not really priorities for Democrats in charge of the Legislature.”


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